What You Focus On Grows

What You Focus On Grows is an engaging fantasy for those in need of a distractive and calming experience, for instance for people who are about to undergo surgery. The experience is centred on showing them the power of their focus.

Several forms of meditation utilise focus as a means of training the mind and, in turn, develop a more balanced relationship with discomforts like pain, stress and angst. Typically, the focus is placed on the breath, as it is an unconscious thing that seems to just happen.

The aim is often to remove the focus from thoughts and feelings and to merely behold them. Doing this strongly reduces the chance of a person's ego turning to a state of suffering.

In this VR experience, we use the same principle. We show the user that their focus has direct impact on their surroundings and it's state, in the hope that they learn to apply the same technique to their own mind.

What you focus on Grows is set in a dreamy forest environment that develops over time. We are currently in the process of developing this experience.