Weerklank – Twinklebobs


With Weerklank we research all means of generating sounds. Some experiments turn into spatial sound installations, others turn into interestingly sounding objects some of which we often refer to as twinklebobs.

Bathroom floor

Like many of the Twinklebobs we created, this kinetic sound installation needs only some wind to sing.

Beans ‘n keys

These twinklebobs are merely made out of old ringing keys, handpicked to sound good together, and cans used to store food. Also they liven up a room with a cool projection of light. When touched or turned this twinklebob sounds magical and looks oldschool cool.

Lambay Sticks


These stone sticks I found on the beach of an Irish Island. They sounded too good to not bring ’em. Some kids’ bike had to be used.



Twinklebob 1

These rusty nails used to hold a baseboard to the wall in an old house, it was surprising to hear them sound so mystical after years of oxidising duty.

This was the first Twinklebob created after founding out about these hidden gems.