Programming Experiments

Scanning Pollock’s Summertime

Creating an algorithm to turn paintings into soundscapes.

Binaural sound in Escape Rooms


Wireless headphones equipped with an iphone and a small lightbulb and battery taped to it enabled us to send people into our super immersive escaperoom, called 1221.  The room is one that is aware of where you are, and what you’re looking at. Enabling us to calculate our visitors a binaural experience that adapts which each movement of the player. 1221 is an eerie room that holds an entity that communicates with the player by manipulating objects in the room. Thanks to the 3D audio players can localise items, but also feel completely surrounded and ensorbed by the entity.

Using game-algorithms to pilot music-algorithms

Sometimes experiments can involve drama. Like intentionally infecting a group of villagers. All for art.

Fairy Fetching

Back in the day when we were still in school we created this fun game. The goal of the game was to catch as many fairies as possible using your net (cellphone).