48hour Film Projects


Gedicht, or Ode, is the name of the shortfilm we made with Team Doewet during the 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam in March 2014. During this project I was the Composer and Sound Designer. The movie needed very atmospherical music with some razor sharp edges. During the Award Ceremony this movie was granted with Best Director and Best Sound Design for which I’m very proud.

Plak Band

In October 2013 I joined another 48 Hour Film Project team, Global Film Factory, during the Cinekind edition as Sound Designer and the film was nominated with best Sound Design. The film won 5 actual prizes and was shown at the Filmapolooza Filmfestival in New Orleans.

I participated in my first 48-hour Film Festival in Rotterdam as sound designer of the team. The short is called “Weg” which is Dutch for, “Away” or “Gone”. Alas, no English subtitles.