Connecting art with healthcare through Virtual Reality

We are artists that combine art with healthcare and science by making Virtual Reality experiences focused on healthcare and it's junction with education. Our shared passion for immersive experiences drives us to combine our skill sets with those of healthcare professionals and create meaningful VR applications.

VR in present Healthcare 
We strongly believe in the potential of VR to help people. 

Already several VR-therapies have been showing great results, for instance to relieve pain or supplement EMDR therapy. We also see excellent applicability of VR experiences and treatments for those with Alzheimers disease, depression, autism, phobias, PTSD, anxiety or even those who are in need of guided physical rehabilitation during physiotherapy or after an accident or surgery. 

The increased mobility and technological advancements of nowadays VR has brought us virtually endless possibilities, and a chance to enhance existing therapies and treatments through virtual techniques not possible before. On top of that, several therapies that started using VR have proven to be more affordable for the patient.

This is Chromosone

Jorick Bronius

Giliam Spliethoff


Bob Los


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