Aggression De-escalation Training



One of the unique capabilities of VR is the ability to train staff in safe environments that closely resemble the actual workplace. In this case, traditionally, training would require reading theory and trying to apply said theory in roleplaying sessions in class. Roleplaying can be a vital part of a persons' preparation for the real world, where situations can sometimes escalate into danger.

This application enables the student to take the roleplaying to the next level by placing themselves inside a situation that is prone to escalation, without making themselves physically exposed to danger. Another big advantage of this approach is that the student is completely engaging with the situation, because they are fully immersed in the virtual space. This, in turn, removes the direct distractions of a classroom full of students, so that a student can focus on how to resolve a situation rather than thinking about what his fellow students think of them.

As of 2019, this training is used in Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. Teachers use it to train medical students to de-escalate situations and deal with, specifically, highly emotional patients that are inclined to resort to aggression.