Connecting art with healthcare through Virtual Reality

At Chromosone we know that people who experience beauty become sick less frequently, heal faster and need less medicine.
We are artists that combine art with healthcare and technology by making Virtual Reality experiences focused on healthcare and education.

Together with healthcare professionals we create exposure therapies, therapies that calm, therapies that distract from pain, training simulations and more.
The increased mobility and technological capacity of nowadays's VR has left us with virtually endless possibilities of applicability, and a chance to enhance existing therapies and treatments trough virtual techniques not possible before.

A tool for insight
Through these techniques we also give medical professionals the tools that allows for a diagnosis that is both more accurate and substantiated and track a patients' recovery with much more detail, making it more measurable.

VR in present Healthcare

The growing number of imaginable healthcare treatments that can be supplemented with VR, accounts for the possibilities that lay ahead, many of them already substantiated with statistic positive results.
For many applications a lot of research still needs to be done, and this is why the initial set off of developing effective VR treatments is rather costly. However, in the long run, VR treatments have already proven they can be a more cost-effective method over some traditional treatments. In some cases the deployment of VR treatment even resulted in vastly reducing the amounts of medicaments needed to support a treatment, resulting in less side-effects.

VR healthcare applications
Chromosone creates anything from sheer escapism for people in pain, be it both mental or physical when they are undergoing surgery, those with Alzheimers disease, depression, autism,
or to treat people with phobias, PTSD, anxiety or even those who are in need of guided physical rehabilitation after an accident or surgery.
On a more educational level, VR can provide safe spaces for medical students to get practical experience in procedures without the risk of hurting real-life patients.

This is Chromosone

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